The Story of the Wandering Words Anthology

Wandering Words Anthology 1
Last year, the first ever volume of the Wandering Words Anthology was released.  The anthology featured a mixture of ten short stories and poems from the genres of science fiction and fantasy.  This ranged from AI to the supernatural world to aliens.  It broadened my mind about the possible depths of the genres, and it was incredible to see how everyone interpreted them.

So, how did it all begin?

Reading and writing have always been so important to me.  I don’t remember a time when I didn’t read or write in my spare time, devouring books whenever I could.  My first writing project was a series of books that I did as a collaboration with a friend – we wrote several stories about a strong, independent female carpenter who solved problems in her town; I was only seven years old.

As I grew older, I wrote more stories, I kept diaries, I posted fanfiction online, I completely absorbed myself in literature whenever I could.  I studied English at GCSE and A-level and then on to degree level; I couldn’t get enough of it, and it was the one subject I consistently held a great passion for.

However, I was (and still am, to an extent) reluctant about sharing my work.  Like any creator, the fear of criticism is something that must be overcome in order to progress.  Eventually, I entered a writing competition, and won publication in an anthology.  It was my first attempt at submitting my work to anything other than Mibba (and a stint on Bebo, if I recall), something serious, and so I was thrilled and encouraged when I was selected for online publication.  It changed my whole perception of my writing; I realised I was capable, and it was a massive confidence-booster and motivator.

And so the idea of doing an anthology was born from that enthusiasm.  I wanted to inspire other people, to make them feel like those hours of writing and editing and editing and editing were appreciated.  I was overwhelmed at the response, over how many people entered and how many people were blown away when they were selected.  I was also overwhelmed by the amount of people I knew, people who I respected on a creative level, who wanted to be judges, who wanted to help shape the future of the anthology.  It was so encouraging.

If you are interested in buying the first volume, it is available* as an eBook through Amazon for just £1.20 – all money made goes back into the running of the site and future competitions and giveaways.

The Flash Fiction Theme Competition has also been running for a while now – information about this monthly competition can be found here.

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*no longer available, but thank you all for your support 🙂