The Wild at Heart: Indie Game Review

I had been looking forward to The Wild at Heart since I had seen it advertised in a previous year’s games showcase (probably E3).  It doesn’t take much to sell it – a quirky, fantasy forestscape with equally as unusual characters and enemies?  Sounded like my perfect game.

And it really was.  This was one of those experiences where anytime I wasn’t playing the game, I was thinking about playing it.  My heart genuinely sank when I finished it, as I was so enchanted by the world that Moonlight Kids had created.

A lovely piece of whimsical escapism about two children seeking their own magical escape.  You’ll fall in love with the protagonists, but also every member of the supporting cast, whether it be the hilarious dancing twins, the wise old Grey Coat, or the magical spritelings used for solving the puzzles in the game.

I couldn’t recommend this more for anyone who enjoys an immersive indie experience, loaded with a powerful message about the importance of friendship.  You can watch my video above for more thoughts.

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