Book Review: The Wolf Among Us (A Fables Story)

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I was recently lent The Wolf Among Us series by my other half, possibly in response to my moans that nothing was comparable with Saga.  Although I still stand by that statement, The Wolf Among Us was definitely still something to shout about.

The series is just two books long, based on the Tell Tale game of the same name.  Both were inspired by the original Fable comics, about characters from fairy tales who now live in modern day New York after being forced to leave their old world.

The Wolf Among Us follows Bigby (previously known as the Big Bad Wolf), who has left his past behind and reinvented himself as the sheriff of Fabletown.  When a Fable gets murdered on his watch, Bigby and Snow White team up to find the culprit.  But as they find the situation quickly spiraling out of their control, all the residents of Fabletown are forced to face some home truths about themselves, and about who they used to be.

The Wolf Among Us

The plot probably dragged just a little longer than it needed to, with one too many samey fight scenes.  But the number of brilliant characters constantly being introduced truly overrode any real flaws.  I was pleasantly surprised to see faces from Alice in Wonderland and Bloody Mary, as well as so many traditional fairy stories too.  Characters were rarely how I would have imagined them, which kept things unpredictable and fun.  The plot itself was also full of twists and turns, as secrets were slowly revealed.  By the end I had no idea who to trust, and where to place my sympathies.  Villainous characters always had a backstory and something to support their actions, leaving the task of picking a side a wonderful challenge.

I’m desperate to play the game now – I’m waiting (im)patiently for a Steam sale at the moment, as it sits at £18.99 full price.  The game allows the player to make decisions, which affect the outcome of the story – considering the complex themes of justice and morality in the comics, I can only imagine how thrilling the game is to play.  Check out the trailer for the game below:

Happy reading!

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