The Year of the Passion Planner

2019 has been the year of the Passion Planner – my first time stepping away from a traditional diary and trying a more goal-orientated organiser for the year.  The Passion Planner did a good job of keeping my attention focused on what I wanted, with monthly reflection pages to check in with progress, and a chance mid-year to make some tweaks to my goals, a nice touch for if life has taken you down a slightly different road than expected.

I didn’t really get a lot out of the reflection pages, I’ll be honest, but I did enjoy everything else the planner had to offer.  Having my goals at the beginning meant I didn’t lose sight of what I wanted out of 2019, and it was exciting to see some of these goals achieved, amended (“move out” became “move boyfriend in”!) and some made redundant as my priorities shifted.  I also loved having ample space at the back of the planner for note-taking for those extra important bits and bobs that required a safe space.  I filled these pages with a list of blog post ideas, my annual leave dates for work, and key dates for 2020 that I needed on my radar.

This was also my first time using a planner with a time tracker, which was actually the main reason I was the last of my planning friends to switch to the Passion Planner, as I was certain the layout wouldn’t fit my needs.  In actual fact, it really helped me to prioritise my days, and to fit more in, as I could see for the first time how many hours I had spare around work (hey, it turns out that despite how it sometimes feels, I actually don’t spend most of my hours at work).  It is a lot easier to fit in exercise, chores, gaming and socialising into an evening when you break the days down into half hour slots.

Orders for the 2020 planner have just begun, and I am taking a risk by going for the small-sized PP for the year (currently being shipped as I speak!).  During 2019, I’ve found that mostly my planner was one of my few creative outlets – hence the complete colour-bomb above – so I enjoyed treating it more like a scrapbook, and putting a lot of effort into the design of each week.  A few recent changes to my life have meant that I have the time again for other creative outlets, so I want to change my planner habits a little, using it more as a log for fitness, money and goals instead of a creative space.  Though it was fun to cram stickers, quotes and felt tip into every free white space, after about six months I began to lean more towards a simpler experience, so I am looking forward to starting my 2020 with a more minimalistic approach.

There is also a thriving online community (#pashfam), full of supportive and creative people willing to share their stories and layouts in the hopes of inspiring other planners.  I got a lot of ideas from the community early in the year as I was finding my feet, as well as benefiting from “planner days” with friends, which usually involved sharing craft resources, watching Netflix and ordering takeaway.

I would recommend the Passion Planner to anyone wanting to become more organised, as there are few planners more accommodating in terms of versatility.  The website also features free printable PDFs to stick over mistakes, or to change sections (e.g. the to-do lists) into a space that works for you (such as a section for financial outgoings instead).

To check out the new designs for 2020, take a look at the Passion Planner website: (I ordered the yellow one!).

What planner will you be using for 2020?

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