The York Ghost Merchants

The ancient city of York is well known for its ghosts… The York Ghost merchants are part of the legacy.

The York Ghost Merchants are a small, independent business based in the historic city of York.  Set in the medieval street known as the Shambles, the shop creates a very unique collectable for fans of the unusual and macabre: small, eerie ghostly sculptures.


Unless you visit the shop in person, it is very difficult to get hold of a ghost, which only adds to their mystery. As they are each handmade, crafted in the workshop above the shop, only a finite number of the sculptures exist, each one hand painted and therefore unique. The online shop has been known to sell out in less than 30 seconds, which only grows more difficult as the business continues to grow in popularity.

Every ghost is unique, “with a spirit all its own”.

I secured my first ever ghost recently after months of attempts.  It arrived in a beautiful cardboard box, wrapped in tissue paper printed with an old map of the city.  It was a really special unboxing, and I have him pride-of-place on my mantelpiece. I would love to visit the shop – I’ve seen that it is decorated in a Georgian style, and offers a unique tourist experience to visitors of York – like visiting a bakery in Bakewell, or buying a Bath bun in… well, Bath.

If you’d like to grab your own little ghost, follow The York Ghost Merchants on Instagram where they regularly announce shop drops:

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