Things I’m Excited For In 2020

I’ve been spending some time setting up my lovely new Passion Planner for 2020, and as usual, the beginning of the planner allows for some reflection on what you want to achieve over the coming month, three months and year.  I considered what I was excited about achieving for the start of this new decade, and came up with the following list:

I am excited for… Good Health

2019 wasn’t a great year for my health. I started the year with a chronic ear infection and laryngitis, which overlapped at one point and meant I was both unable to speak or hear for a week.  As my voice returned, I sounded like Mickey Mouse, which was especially embarrassing when I phoned my manager at work to explain I needed some more time off.  My voice did eventually come back, but sadly my hearing didn’t improve all that much, and I was added to a long waiting list for surgery to hopefully fix it.  As of right now, I’m at the end of that waiting list, and have my operation in less than a week… eep!  It’s been a pretty life-changing experience already, and so in 2020 I look forward to enjoying a better bout of health, and tackling these ailments that have held me back in 2019.

I am excited for… Tabletop Gaming

There are some big board games coming out this year, and Neil and I have backed three of them through Kickstarter.  The Bloodborne board game, the new Munchkin game, and the intriguing-looking Shovel Knight are all set to be released over the next year, and we can’t wait to add them to our games library.  2020 is going to be the Year of the Board Game for me, with another UK Games Expo lined up, as well as the possibility of us purchasing a 3D printer to enhance our gaming experience.

I am excited for… Reading

I didn’t make enough time for reading in 2019, and part of that was down to the fatigue of illness, but a lot of it really was because I just didn’t create enough time for it.  I have recently invested in a bedside lamp and found that already I am reading more than I did throughout most of the last year!  Neil bought me The Starless Sea for Christmas, and I have been reading that alongside some picks for my book club at work.

I am excited for… Bettering Myself

Last year I grumbled my way through a three month course on Awareness of Mental Health Problems, and vowed I was probably past my years of studying.  When the dust settled, I felt ready to continue my personal development, so signed myself up for a British Sign Language course just the other day.  When my hearing was at its worst, I felt really isolated and it was frightening how quickly you feel distanced from others when you cannot communicate.  I am hoping that improving my knowledge of BSL will make me a better communicator, and I hope that will be helpful for both me and those around me who rely on it as their primary means of communication.

I am excited for… Finishing Projects

I love having projects, but could definitely do with tying up a few loose ends of projects gone by.  I would like to finish books I started last year, complete video games I got distracted from after ten hours of gameplay, and put a bit of time into revamping Wandering Words.  2019 was a year of distractions, but I want 2020 to be a year of balance and discipline.  Let’s get some sh*t done!

What are you excited about for 2020?

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