Thoughts On My First Imperial Candle

Since I met Neil, his love of homely comforts has led me to discover the joys of candles. In fact, for Valentines Day this year, we both unknowingly bought each other a Yankee Candle!

I’ve known about Imperial Candles for years, but had never really thought to buy one. However, when I saw their Halloween range (really feeling those spooky vibes this year), I was finally tempted to put in an order. What makes this candle range special is that each product has a hidden piece of jewellary inside, and you don’t know what you are going to get until you reveal it. Most candles have the option of a necklace, bracelet or ring, and each piece is wrapped carefully so it doesn’t get damaged by the hot wax.

They aren’t cheap if you think of them only as candles; you need to keep in mind you are getting something longer-lasting than some nicely scented wax. Still, keeping money in mind, I treated myself to two items from their online shop.

I think the Festival of Lights candle will keep me going for a while, with an apparent burn time of up to 120 hours! I reached the jewellery inside after about 3 days of obsessive candle burning, and loved the gorgeous necklace I received (no photos as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone thinking of getting one!)

The second item I bought wasn’t actually a candle at all! I fell in love with this little pumpkin bathbomb, and loved the idea of a piece of jewellery popping out at the end of the bath bomb experience (I usually feel like bath bombs are amazing but so short-lived!).

My only criticism is that the chains on both of the necklaces I received aren’t very long. I prefer my necklaces to sit quite low on my chest, so either I have a chunky neck (quite possible), or Imperial Candles are a little stingy on the chain length. I would have been happy at purchase to have paid a couple of pounds more to select a longer chain. They are, however, still perfectly wearable, and I love the designs of both pieces!

What do you think? Would you pay extra for a silver surprise inside a candle?

If you’re interested in buying your own Imperial Candle, check out their website:

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