Unboxing Hagrid’s Trunk

Hagrid's Trunk

In March I received my first subscription of Hagrid’s Trunk, after being really impressed by Cherry Wallis’ unboxings on Youtube.  It was a great time to stumble upon something like this because I’m really into Harry Potter at the moment (I may or may not have just downloaded an immersive wizarding world mod on Minecraft – goodbye life).  I loved the idea that the ‘bundle’ box was such a simple concept, just a t-shirt and a candle, the perfect subscription box!  At just £16.99 for the box, I certainly didn’t take much persuading.

Hagrid's Trunk

I adore the t-shirt I received – I love that it has a pop of colour by being purple instead of black, I love the Death Eater’s shimmering mask, and I love that the material is soft and a perfect fit.  It is actually one of my favourite tees in my wardrobe now.

Hagrid's Trunk

Then, I opened the candle and was genuinely speechless.  Just look at it.  It’s beautiful!  I don’t own anything like this, and I’m reluctant to even light it because I think even as an ornamental piece it is stunning.  It even comes with a tiny wooden spoon.

Hagrid's Trunk

My only criticism is that I was surprised to learn that the box had auto-renewed – it is a pet hate of mine that these boxes sign you up for a neverending stream of deliveries.  The word “subscription” is a bit of a giveaway, but I always prefer boxes that allow you to pick them up as a one-off purchase (which is great for seeing if it’s your cup of tea), and don’t autorenew without asking first.

Despite this, I will absolutely be ordering another Hagrid’s Trunk in the future – the perfectly fitting tee and quirky candle have swayed me, and it’s a fun way of satisfying my current Harry Potter obsession.  It’s great to experience a themed box that doesn’t just have a random number of items, some of which end up immediately being gifted on; Hagrid’s Trunk delivers exactly what it says on the box.

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