Welcome to Night Vale: the Countdown Begins

I have never pre-ordered a book in my life. I know many people do and many people don’t, but I’ve generally always had enough to read to just tide me over until the paperback version came out, or just until the hype had cooled slightly. I didn’t even pre-order the last few Harry Potter books; we waited a few days and bought it in the shop.

So imagine how I felt when I found out about a book that threw my usual pre-order mentality out the window: cue the discovery of the new Welcome To Night Vale novel.


You’ve probably heard of the Welcome To Night Vale podcasts.  I find most people who dwell on the Internet have.  If you haven’t, I couldn’t be happier to be the one to introduce you to them.

We do not have answers. I am not certain we even have questions.
-Episode 2, ‘Glow Cloud’, Welcome to Night Vale podcast

The series is predominantly told from the perspective of Cecil, the radio host of Night Vale’s radio station (a strange and mysterious little town) and is performed just like a radio show.

Cecil Baldwin, the voice actor who gives life to Cecil, is exceptional in his delivery of the deadpan humour which characterises the show. The humour might not be for everyone – as it stands, it is exactly my kind of humour – but I insist that you give the Pilot a go as it provides the perfect introduction.

Regret nothing, until it is too late. Then, regret everything. Welcome to Night Vale.
-Episode 10, ‘Feral Dogs’, Welcome to Nightmare Vale podcast

I don’t know what to expect from the book. Part of the charm of the podcast is the music and narrators, but I simply MUST have the book.  I am overwhelmed with curiosity!  The countdown to October begins…

You can listen to the podcasts completely free HERE.

You can preorder the book (hooray!) from The Book Depository.

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Update: I think I remember why I don’t pre-order books – it arrived several days late!