Why I Spent My Week Watching Games Done Quick

Since it was introduced to me last year, Games Done Quick has secured a bi-yearly slot in my schedule.  This June I took most of the week off to enjoy the entertainment, and wasn’t disappointed.

What is Games Done Quick?

Games Done Quick refers to a number of charity speed runs, where gamers play much-loved classic and modern video games as quickly as they can, often utilising glitches and cheats to get mind-blowing completion times.

The money raised throughout the marathons go towards a selected charity, and this time around Doctors Without Borders benefited, with the event raising a record amount of over three million dollars.

But why would you want to watch other people play games?

Not only are you supporting an awesome subculture of gaming, it is just a bunch of fun to watch.  To see the skills of the players who openly discuss their tactics  and talk passionately of the games they are playing is incredible.  Some runs had me in stitches as the runners were clearly confident streamers and had the crowd hyped up.  Even though I’m a half day’s flight from the action, I still feel a part of something big.

A highlight this year was seeing the Portal 2 run.  Seeing someone essentially break a game you love is amazing – I can’t even begin to imagine the precision and timing required of a Portal speedrun of little over an hour… it was certainly impressive viewing!  You can check out the video below of the run if you are interested (though obvious spoiler warning to those who haven’t yet played it).

You can donate all through the event, with your donations going towards special unlocks in games, or even entire extra runs.  I tend to buy a t-shirt or two from The Yetee, the official merchandise sponsor of the event, who give a percentage of every sale to GDQ (t-shirt and charity donation – yes please!).

So, if you’re a fan of gaming, invite your friends over and watch some of your favourite games being speed run, knowing it’s all for a good cause.

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